Our Consultants

Jerry Bosscher

Jerry Bosscher, AMP
Mortgage Broker (Lic#M08003723)
Mortgage Intelligence (Lic#10428)

After a distinguished career in various other business organizations and over 20 years of business operation and leadership experience, Jerry joined Mortgage Intelligence as a mortgage agent from IPC Save Inc. through the strategic alliance established between Investment Planning Counsel and Mortgage Intelligence. Jerry is driven by helping clients succeed regardless of their circumstances and structures products to meet each client's specific needs. Jerry is committed to continuing education in order to ensure that the product that he recommends is the right match for each client he works with.

Mortgage Broker services provided by Mortgage Intelligence (Lic#: ON 10428 | SK 315857).  

Greg Pietras

Greg Pietras
Investment Advisor
IPC Securities Corporation

Greg has been a professional wealth advisor for the past 21 years.

Greg is truly the "overall" planner who can manage all that is required to help you achieve your financial goals. He is an investment advisor, insurance agent, estate planner and tax consultant. His planning strategy goes beyond the basics, encompassing all the services that you may need to ensure that you can live your dream.

We work closely with Greg Pietras of IPC Securities Corporation. For more information, please click here.  

Corrado Tiralongo

Corrado Tiralongo
Chief Investment Officer
Counsel Portfolio Services

Corrado Tiralongo is the Chief Investment Officer and lead Portfolio Manager for Counsel Portfolio Services. As CIO, Corrado oversees Counsel's investment policies and portfolio monitoring programs. He is responsible for the selection and monitoring of Counsel’s external investment specialists. He also oversees the regular due diligence assessments and risk management evaluation of all Counsel funds and portfolios.  

Rana Chauhan

Rana Chauhan
Chief Investment Strategist
Counsel Portfolio Services

Rana Chauhan is the Chief Investment Strategist for Counsel Portfolio Services. As Chief Investment Strategist, Rana maintains a close relationship with all of Counsel’s investment specialists, allowing him to keep his finger on the market’s pulse and on global economic developments. He is responsible for helping Advisors understand how economic and market events impact their clients’ investments.

Rana also provides research and development support to Advisors. Acting as an institutional conduit to Counsel’s sub-advisors, he hosts due diligence sessions with Advisors and selected investment specialists. As host of Counsel’s quarterly Market Monitor Audiocasts, Rana gets market perspectives from Counsel’s investment specialists, asking the questions that are on the minds of investors.

Rana was instrumental in the creation of Counsel Portfolio Services. He was previously the Investment Strategist for Investment Planning Counsel Inc., prior to which he had spent two years as a Canadian Equity Analyst with a Municipal Pension Fund, and two years as an International Equity Analyst with a U.S. Bank. He has been involved in the investment industry since 1987.

Rana is a member of Counsel’s Product and Investment Committees and a graduate of Medical Physics from University of London in England. 

Rahim Dhalla

Rahim Dhalla, CIM
Director, Portfolio Management
Counsel Portfolio Services

As director of the Portfolio Analytics team, Rahim is responsible for the design and implementation of analytically based solutions to generate portfolio and sub-advisor risk profiles. These analyses are used to conduct portfolio composition and risk evaluation assessments on all Counsel investment solutions. He is responsible for conducting regular attribution reviews and performance modeling on Counsel’s funds and portfolios. Rahim also assists the Chief Investment Officer in conducting regular qualitative reviews of Counsel’s investment specialists.

Securing your Family's Future

Following the advice of a trusted advisor is shown to be a significant factor in building wealth and achieving investment success. Our team can provide sound advice and a Personal Wealth Management Strategy™ to guide & assist you & your family at any stage of life.