04 February, 2022

Advanced Tax Strategies for Retirement Income


Going from your working years to retirement means moving from an accumulation to the decumulation phase of life. When my clients’ Barry and Barb, approached this point in time, they needed support and strategies to take control of their retirement income. Their priority: to reduce the impact of taxes on their portfolio withdrawals. My goal was to listen to Barry and Barb’s needs, guide their plans, and as maximize the opportunities available to them. The strategy implemented for Barry and Barb is unique and allows them to live life on their terms. Read the full story: Advanced Tax Strategies Give Barry and Barb Control of Their Retirement Income

Barry + Barb’s Testimonial: “Julia’s planning helped us understand the benefits of addressing our retirement tax liabilities. It’s an area we had not considered before working with her. Overall, we believe this has saved our future estate and us tens of thousands of dollars.”